Mindful Living Series: Community Service

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Welcome August. This month in our Mindful Living Series, we will focus our attention on Community Service. Along with great self-care, community service is very near and dear to my heart. I wholeheartedly believe in the power of a healthy and thriving community service program. For the past 30 years, I have been working to make a positive difference in my community. As a personal development coach at Future Focused, I am proud to work with local faith groups and community agencies for the betterment of our neighbors and neighborhoods.

This month, I am putting out a call to action. It is my intention that you will find meaningful ways to be of service to those around you. No matter if the task is big or small, please consider being the blessing in someone’s life.

Remember, we can go farther together. Please feel free to share with us how you are helping to make your community a little brighter.

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Mindful Community

This month at Future Focused, we will celebrate our Mindful Community. A group of individuals coming together for the common unity of the human and animal families. We strive to live in peace and harmony with one another, while actively cultivating relationships of compassion, cooperation, and service.

Do you belong to a Mindful Community? What do you value most about your community? I enjoy the sacred feeling of belonging. Being a part of a safe group of people that are supportive and accepting. Especially when I’m not at my best.

Throughout July, bring your awareness to the group of individuals that make up your Mindful Community. What do you appreciate about your Mindful Community? What are some ways that you can better serve your Mindful Community? What are the ways you allow your Mindful Community to serve you?

If you don’t belong to a Mindful Community, what would you like your Mindful Community to look like? What steps are you willing to take to find this community? What are the benefits of your Mindful Community?

No man or woman is an island. We all need someone to help us through this thing called life. Take time to not only be the blessing in someone’s life, but to allow someone to be a blessing in your life.

Mindful Living Series Episode 5 – Careers and Mindfulness Benefits

Careers and Callings

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Welcome May 2018!
Spring has sprung and with it comes a new and fresh perspective of life. This month we will focus our attention/intentions on Careers. Does the work we do have value or purpose? Are we so busy earning a living that it takes away our ability to truly live life?
These and many other questions we will reflect upon during our time together this month.
Question of the day: What is your dream job that best utilizes your gifts and talents?
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Finances and Feelings

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Stillness and Sanctuary

Stillness and Sanctuary