Loving the “Hell” Out of Someone

Today I have learned a powerful lesson that I have
been taught all of my life. You should kill a person
with kindness. When people are hurtful or mean
that can cause many negative feelings. Some
people choose to lash out. Others choose to hold
it in. But what would happen if instead we were to
speak our mind in a respectful way and then display
loving actions and words toward that person. LOVE
always has been and always will be a powerful
therapeutic intervention. Many of us are fighting
tremendous battles. Our behavior sometimes becomes
reflect that. We have many stressors in this life. So next
time when someone is mean-spirited towards you. Look
beyond their angry words or actions. Instead try to see
them as someone who needs kindness. Love,
patience, and understanding can help to bring a positive
resolution from a negative situation.


Can you love your enemies?
Future Focused


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