A Private Party

Imagine a time when you have a party and you are the guest of honor.
Celebrating your life, happiness, gifts, talents, and victories.  Most
of us, at least once a day, will say several negative things about
ourselves.  However, we find it difficult to say pleasant and positive
words.  When I point this out to people I coach, they always seem
surprised why they have low or no self-esteem.
My personal motto is, “CELEBRATE the person you are now
and LOVE the person you will become!”  Start by telling yourself
one thing that you like about you.  Focus on it.  Appreciate it.
Think of more things that you like about yourself.  Focus on it.
Appreciate it.  Soon you will see and feel a new and beautiful
transformation. Also, that gratitude, positive energy, and love
will spill over to all areas of your life.
So what are you waiting on?  Aren’t you ready to truly LIVE?


What do you LIKE about yourself?
Future Focused


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