Turn a Negative Into a Positive Picture

Could you imagine what life would feel like if we were treated like royalty? For example, when we get to work you receive lots of smiles, pleasentries, and pats on the back. You are told how valuable you are as an employee. What kind of impact would that make on your performance? Later in the day, when you get home, you are greeted at the door with lots of wondeful hugs and kissess. You are appreciated for all the great things you do. What kind of impact would that make on how you give love and affection to your family?
There are times in our lives when either the people we work with or family members are not living up to appropriate expectations. It can become very frustrating. A powerful and effective way to help correct a negative behavior is to show love. People are willing to work harder when they feel as if their efforts are effective and appreciated. Loved ones are more willing to meet your needs when they feel heard and appreciated.
Begin to seek out one positive thing that you appreciate about that person. Focus on it and let the person know why you admire this about them. Soon you will begin to see a positive difference within yourself and that person. When we look for the good in people we are sure to find it. Negative tensions disappear and everyone is a winner.


Can you use sweet words to bring about positive change?
Fututre Focused


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