A Book and Its Cover

Long time ago, when I was younger. I remember me and my friends

would play a game with book covers. We would look at the cover of a book

and judge whether it was a good book or not. Based solely on the outer

apperance of the book, we were confident that was a reliable method for

judging the quality of the work. Fortunately, I don’t think I hurt anyone

playing that game. But could you imagine the hurt we would cause if

we were to do this with people.

At some point in our lives, we have had an encounter where we have

been judged. Some people think they are encouraging you to do better.

The major flaw in this plan is that you probably didn’t walk away feeling


When you are operating from a place of love, it is easy to see the good

in people. You are free to be loving and accepting. Then you find yourself

surrounded by more love and positivity.

We all just want to be heard, loved, and accepted. Love is the one thing

that is a bridge between all of our realities. When we extend love

in many directions to many people, it comes back in many directions and from

many people.

We all need love. It feels good to be surrounded by love. STOP blocking

your blessing by judging people.

Are you loving unconditionally?

Future Focused



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