I Will Sweep My Own Front Door

 Many times we have encountered people who enjoy casting unsolicited

judgements.  For whatever reason, they seem to feel very confident in

letting you  know just how inappropriate your behavior has been.  Rarely,

do you walk away feeling good or better about yourself.  So how do you

know when you are dealing with a well meaning person or a mean spirited

person?  Anytime you walk away from a conversation and feel empowered,

uplifted, and loved, then you have encountered a well meaning person.

With mean spirited people, you usually feel defeated, helpless, and

disliked.  These are the people that we must stay away from. 

So next time, remind mean spirited people that you are more than

capable of sweeping around your own front door.  Love is a very

powerful weapon to help build us into the women and men we are

created to be.

Can you walk away from negative people?

Future Focused


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