The Thrill Is Gone

I love the idea of marriage and all that it represents.  Having an intimate and intense connection with another human heart is a wonderful experience.  As both a professional life coach and therapist, I often hear the many downsides of a marital relationship.  So much that it would feel like a long-lasting, healthy, and intense connection does not exist. 

Well, as in all things in life, it simply comes down to a matter of choice.  Will I choose to do what is necessary for my relationship?  Will I choose to make my spouse a priority?  Will I choose to properly nourish my spirit so that I can give to my spouse?

If you struggle within your relationship, make a list of things that you wish to change.  Talk with your partner and compare lists. Take an honest evaluation of yourself and how your actions affect the relationship.  Then talk with your partner about which concern you would like to first resolve.

Remember to maintain an open heart and mind when discussing these issues.  For some, being vulnerable can be intimidating, but as long as you know your partner is making an honest effort with you, then it might be helpful to allow them to go at a comfortable pace.

Remember, the race is not given to the swift, but to the one that endureth.  Ecclesiastes 9:11

What makes your relationship worth fighting for?

Future Focused


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