How To Recognize Thinking That Is Distorted and Irrational

VERY EXTREME- You see things in black and white, and blow things out of proportion.

VERY BROAD- Generalize from a specific- labeling people rather than their behaviors

VERY CATASTROPHIC- Exaggerate how “awful” something is when these thoughts are better reserved for life and death events of serious injury.

VERY NEGATIVE- The glass is half empty- not half full- and you feel a sense of hopelessness.

VERY SKEWED- Skew your perceptions to fit your idiosyncratic “proofs.”

VERY UNSCIENTIFIC- Ignore the facts, preferring to go on “gut” and feeling in a non-constructive way.

VERY IDEALISTIC- Denial and unrealistic xpectations cloud a sense of reality.

VERY DEMANDING- You want things your way, and are often demanding that others fit your expectations of what they “should” be and how they “should” act, as well as being demanding of yourself.

VERY JUDGEMENTAL- You condemn others for their shortcomings and can not forgive.

VERY OBSESSED- Once you are on a track of thinking you can not budge and view things differently. You worry about things that are out of your conrol.

VERY CONFUSED- Your pictures in your head do not match the “real world.” You don’t get what you think you are supposed to “get.” You have a hard time seeing things without delusion, denial, and negativity.

VERY INTOLERANT- Having a need to have things the way they “should be.” It is hard to have patience and tolerance for differences that don’t fit your needs and expectations.

VERY PERFECTIONISITIC- Having a need to be “right” and not make mistakes, as that would mean one is inferior or like a failure. Low self esteem permeates.        Author Unknown

Can you recognize when your thinking is wrong?
Future Focused


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