Slow Your Role

When two people come together for a relationship, they bring with them their own unique attitudes and expectations on how to have a relationship.  Because we were not all raised they same way, it is important to be aware of those differences.

We all have roles that we play in any relationship.  Do you feel comfortable or satisfied in the role that you play?  Are you living an authentic lifestyle?

The most important role you will ever play in your life is “YOU.”  There is no one else that has been or ever will be designed to play your special part.  Compromise is an essential element in any relationship.  However, the important lesson is to learn how to compromise without losing your authentic self.

We all need to be open to change, but we must also employ courage and honesty to let others know our true needs and feelings.  STOP playing someone else’s role and act out your true self daily.

What role are you playing in your relationships?

Future Focused

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