Eggs In A Basket

We all have hopes and dreams. Some of us work hard to see them birthed into life. We get excited and construct a beautiful basket to place all of our eggs. That one basket holds everything very dear to us. But every now and then life has a way of destroying those dreams. And what we are left to deal with is devastation of epic proportions.

For example, you begin to experience consequences that affect your mind, body, and spirit. Your mind can produce all kinds of bizarre thoughts. Your body can experience multiple physical ailments. And we all know what it is like to have a crushed spirit.

So the million dollar question is, “What can I do to mend a broken heart?” Before I attempt to answer, I just want to say that there are many solutions, but I will tell you what I have found to work best.

For many years, I have been counseling and coaching people to live a more fulfilled life. Many of these individuals have experienced great success. The common thread that seems to weave its way through all of their realities is LOVE. You must love yourself enough to seek refuge in healthy people. I see it over and over again how the support of others, helps people to heal quicker. It is important to love in many directions. This can ensure at least two things. One, you will not burnout one person. Two, it decreases the chances of repeating the same mistake.

It takes courage to open up after you have been hurt. But it also takes away any guilt or shame you may feel. And that will put you on the fast track to recovery.
How many baskets do you have?

Future Focused


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