Slip Sliding Away

It seems as if lately I have heard many people wish away the
work week so that they can have fun on the weekends. I remember
feeling that way. I thought that having fun and going places would
make me look or feel irresponsible. It took me years to learn that
just because I am an adult with real life pressures and responsibilities,
doesn’t mean that I can’t allow myself to enjoy the people and the
things that I have.

I see clients all the time that are drowing in anxiety, stress, and hopelessness.
Often, I will ask them, “How long has it been since you had the time of your life?”
This question is usually followed by a long pause or an answer of, “I can’t remember.”
There is nothing wrong with taking at least 30 minutes a day to do something
that you like. It may sound insignificant, but it will make a tremendous difference in
your thinking and mood.

Stop wishing your life away and start thinking of fun and exciting things that you
can do on a daily basis. Play with your pets, work in the garden, listen to music
and dance, or read a good book. Whatever it is you like to do, please give
yourself a beautiful gift and HAVE FUN!

When is the last time you had the time of your life?
Future Focused


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