Rollin In the River

Lately, living in Memphis, Tennessee has come with many challenges and heartaches.  A couple of weeks ago, the Mighty Mississippi River flooded many of our homes, businesses, and local attractions.  Many of us were shocked to see just how damaging those waters had become.  Now that the waters are receding, we are left to cope with the millions of dollars in damages that wind and water have produced.

Despite the long hard road ahead, I have observed one powerful blessing.  That blessing is unity. Memphis has long been known for its history of racial tension and the great divide between ethnic groups. However, in the wake of our tragedy and misfortune, it has not gone unappreciated that the strong winds of change have come to rain down the beautiful blessing of uniting together to help one another through life’s storms.

I truly have been blessed.  I have only lost my internet service.  But what I do have I give with a free and happy heart.  Sometimes, just allowing others to know you care is worth its weight in gold.

How do you help others in their time of need?

Future Focused

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