Me Time

The other day, I found myself feeling overwhelmed. It felt as if there were so many things, people, or situations that needed my immediate attention that it was difficult to keep it all together. I learned a long time ago that saying “no” is a good thing, but this time saying “no” was not an option. Life was throwing things at me that could not be ignored. We have all been there. Work, family, health issues, and stress all call for our attention. Sometimes all at once. It became clear to me that I have to take control before those things controlled me. One of the things that I enjoy most is getting away to a quiet place and listen to my music. For me, music helps to calm me down so that I can regain control. I began to see that I had not been getting in enough “me time.” That time where I get to replenish and nourish my spirit. In life, we must find our balance. If you work hard you must have a time and place that restores your joy.

How do you nourish your spirit?
Future Focused


4 thoughts on “Me Time

  1. Very true. It’s tricky because usually the days when we most need ‘me time’ are the very ones we feel there isn’t enough time for it! But it certainly increases my productivity and clarity of mind when I make it a priority.


  2. BALANCE… is something I learned many years ago, Learning to say NO was a difficult challenge, yet I did overcome this. I too, at times, slip into the hussle and bussle of life, however I am quickly reminded to KEEP MY BALANCE!! It is the ONLY WAY for a healthy life. Mostly I meditate for my PEACE.. giving gratitude for all my blessings, remain prayerful for so many, many who may never know that prayers are being sent UP on their behalf.. this is how I ‘KEEP MY BALANCE’ in life… all my heart, soul, and spirit.. kat!


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