Ace In the Hole

In the game of poker, an Ace In the Hole means that one of the player’s down card is an ace. In the game of life it can mean a hidden strength or comfort. Sounds innocent enough, but depending on how well you use your ace determines how well you play the game.
I was talking to a dear friend the other day and she was telling me how she has pushed away alot of significant relationships in her life. She told me that being in a rocky marriage, rescuing adult children from their mistakes, health issues, and financial problems have all conspired to keep her from reaching out to her friends. Over a period of years, she has learned how to function without them. Guilt and shame were her primary reasons for not reaching up for help. Life is at a critical point, and she has found herself isolated, withdrawn, and totally disconnected from her power sources. After talking with her, she began to understand why keeping in close contact with her “”Ace In the Holes” on a regular basis is vital to her existance.

It is important that we have many healthy and solid friendships and activities to nourish our souls. They are the safety we need to weather life’s storms.

How many Aces do you have?
Future Focused



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