It Takes a Village

We have all heard, “It takes a village to raise a child.” There is a lot of truth in that saying. I was thinking, “what about those of us that grow up to be adults?” Sometimes, everyday life attempts to pull us in many directions. I feel like I need my village just to make it through the day. Even though we bravely try to face them all, sometimes even the most courageous of us grow weary. As a result, I have come to learn the power of friendships. Not only does spending time with them give us the opportunity to have fun and laugh. But it also gives us the ability to restore and heal.


Don’t allow life to disconnect you from your power sources. Our faith, family/friends, and hobbies are important elements that allow us to live life to the fullest. So call up your village and have a block party.

When is the last time you called your village?
Future Focused


2 thoughts on “It Takes a Village

  1. Very true. This week I really learned how important it is to reach out to friends and ask them for support when we need it. I was nervous about doing a big act of kindness on my own due to a past negative experience. But having a supportive friend by my side gave me the strength to move forward. Thanks for thenthought provoking post!



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