It’s The Little Things That Mean So Much

This morning I found myself enjoying the beauty in the simple things of life. A patient,
where I work, that suffers with a chronic mental illness taught me that no matter
the circumstance, there is joy to be experienced and shared. Now this patient has
bravely battled one struggle after another. At times, frustration and hopelessness
seemed to be her constant companions. But for a few moments, when a song began to
play, she was magically taken to a place where peace and joy became her new best
friends. The problems, worries, and frustrations no longer existed. Her smile was
brighter, she interacted with her peers, and most importantly, she was able to
see and feel herself living again.
To others it was just a song. To this wonderful lady it was a brilliant way to
reclaim something that had been missing for a long time. By allowing her light
to shine, she was able to shine on others.
Have you found your song?
Future Focused


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