Future Focused Coaching

Shenita Sanders, MA, CPPC

Divine Revelation

Today I saw one of the most beautiful sights.  I saw a young man believe that he was
bigger and greater than his circumstances.  He became so lost in happiness, joy, and
positivity that he lost sight of the fact that he was a patient in a hospital.  He lost sight
of human limitations and can’t do attitudes.  For just a moment, he believed what his
inner voice told him.  He became whole, excited, and at peace.

I again learned a valuable lesson today. I learned that I have been holding myself back
with my thinking.  As with everything, there is a cause and effect.  The cause was my
stinkin thinkin, and the effect were my dreams being delayed.  Thank God for new
beginnings each day!

How has your thinking stopped your growth?
Future Focused


One comment on “Divine Revelation

  1. happydancecat
    July 15, 2011

    Beautiful. No more stikin thinkin! 😉


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