Future Focused Coaching

Shenita Sanders, MA, CPPC

New Day

Many of us have been in a place where we are so low that the only direction we can go is up.
Life has a way of pushing us up against a wall. Despite feeling hopeless, we actualy have
several options. We could either throw in the towel or begin to fight back. I am a fighter.
I have overcome challenges so difficult that I thought I would never survive. But in
those moments of feeling overpowered, I chose to fight back with my mind. As a survivor,
I now know that I can’t change anyone but myself. However, I can change the way I respond.
Even though life may be filled with challenges, I will choose to dream of the life that I deserve.
I deserve love, laughter, and joy. Most importantly, I deserve wonderful people in my life.
I will choose to be grateful for what I have right now and anticipate more blessings to come.

What are you grateful for?
Future Focused


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