Self Esteem: False and Destructive Concepts of Human Behavior

  1. 1.   If you act bad, you are bad.
    2.   Winning is the only thing that counts.
    3.   Losers and low achievers do not counts.
    4.   You should feel guilty for your mistakes, defeats, and failures because you
    could have done better if you tried harder.
    5.   It is wrong for you to love yourself.
    6.   You should be perfect. You should have done better.
    7.   Your worth is determined by how much or how well you do compared to others.
    8.   You know better so you should have done better.
    9.   You can validate your worth and justify your existence only through exceptional
    achievements and approval and acceptance of others.
    10. Outside forces, circumstances and the actions and attitudes of others are
    responsible for your unhappiness and hurting.
    11. Others have the authority and power to insult you and put you down.
    12. Self-indulgence and laziness are evidence of a weak will.
    13. There are strong people and weak people. A strong person is one who can
    accomplish anything through a sheer act or will.
    14. Guilt is essential to motivate you to correct your mistakes and do better in the future.
    15. You should deny your own needs to serve the needs of others.
    16. You must fulfill the demands and expectations of others because you need
    their acceptance and approval in order to be happy.
    17. Your happiness depends on how much money, power, and prestige you manage
    to accumulate.

How will you re-program your thinking?
Future Focused


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