Too Many Mind

Years ago, I believed that only teenagers dealt with peer pressure. To me, it seemed as if adults were free to say and do whatever they liked. Goodness, was I wrong.  It wasn’t until my 30’s that I was able to see just how adults succumb to pressure from their peers.

It was a long journey for me to completely stop what I call the, “Too Many Mind Syndrome.”  The Too Many Mind Syndrome is when an individual is passively being controlled or manipulated by others.  For example, I “mind” what people think about me as a person, I “mind” the image I project to others, or I “mind” if people really like me.  This person spends so much time focusing on other people that they have neglected their true sense of self.  This course of behavior ultimately leads to an unsatisfying life.

When we begin to “mind” and respect our own authentic voice, life becomes fuller and richer.  This does not mean that the opinions of others is meaningless.  However, it does mean that the energy I gave to others I will now actively use to nurture my spirit!

When life is better balanced it most fulfilling!

How many minds are you juggling?

Future Focused


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