A Delay Is Not a Denial

Have you been diligent in pursuing your goals only to feel as if you are getting nowhere?  In today’s world, it’s all about instant gratification.  We want fresh fast food at lightening speeds. It feels as if our ship will never come in. When feelings of frustration and doubt begin to surface, here is what I have learned to do:

1.     Re-align my thinking with my vision.  Success becomes more difficult when we have a defeatist attitude.

2.     I look over my blueprints.  Adjusting your plans, techniques, or strategies is imperative.  Sometimes, making small changes can make a huge difference.

3.     Allow a healthy amount of time for reflection.  When peace in your mind, body, and spirit is allowed to flow freely, you will be amazed at how much positive energy you can channel towards yourself and your vision.  





How do you handle life’s delays?

Future Focused


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