Strength In Numbers

For the past few months, I have been sharing my experiences with being in my Love Bubble.  Recently, I have added yet another benefit to this beautiful life of mine, and that is STRENGTH! Everyday I wake up and purposefully put on an attitude of love and gratitude. My mind and world have been pleasantly transformed despite all of the many obstacles life tries to throw my way.  Recently, I have been reminded that love gives me strength to face, cope, and overcome my biggest fears.  I remained committed to seeing the beauty in ALL things, and was given a most precious gift. I could literally feel the love and support of people holding me up and giving me what I need to make it through. I walked away from that situation with a greater respect and love for myself  because I accomplished something that I never thought I was strong enough to do.  My Goliath is gone and I could not have done it without all the people who are in my love life.   THANK YOU EVERYONE!


Who gives you strength in times of need?

Future Focused



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