Soul Food

Years ago, I had a tremendous battle with anxiety. But on the outside, people told me I always looked cool, calm, and collected. It was my secret shame. I thought, if others are not able to see the torment I feel on the inside, then I must be okay.  That line of thinking became a source of pride for me.  If you notice, I was living with unhealthy doses of shame and pride. Two very powerful ingredients for self-destruction.

As expected, my carefully constructed world came to a screeching halt.  It was time for me to make serious changes. My pride and shame cost someone like me a high price. I began to lose my self-respect and sense of personal intergrity. So I began to seek help from various sources to help me overcome this demon.

The biggest lesson I learned was that I have power over my thoughts. So I payed close attention to what I was feeding my soul. Such a simple assignment yielded great results. So I went into action by removing anything and anyone that was negative in my life. For example, I stopped watching negative tv, I spent more time with people who nurished my soul, and every day I would celebrate something that I admire about myself. I was blown away at the difference this made in my life.

Today, I am the author of my destiny. No longer a passive bystander of life. I make it a great day or I make it a not so good day. Either way, I empower myself to be whatever I choose. I feed my soul whatever it needs to shine brightly!


What kind of Soul Food have you been eating?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Future FocusedBudda Quote




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