Ask For Help!

Ladies, my wish today is to coach you on how and when to ask for help. It breaks my heart to see and hear of women suffering in silence. The more responsibility you have, the more need you will have for help. Truthfully, asking for help is a sign of intelligence and strength. Even though we are  wonderfully made, there are limitations to our superpowers. We all possess a unique individual gift, but using those gifts collectively gives us our greatest potential for power.

In 2006, I founded Future Focused Professional Life Coaching because I found myself struggling asking for help. And not just any help. I needed help that would be discreet, encouraging, and affirming.  Back then, I was working as a psychotherapist. I needed someone that could understand that I shouldered the daily responsibilities of both patient concerns and healthcare staff members. In my job, there was very little room for error. Strangely enough, this is what made me one of the best, but also made me feel alone and stressed.

Please, please, please ladies take great care of yourselves. Do as I did, ASK FOR HELP! It will be the best decision of your life. It’s okay to be selective about the type of help you receive. Quality is important. Call Future Focused for professional life coaching services today. There are several ways that we can help you. Face-to-face, telephone, electronic mail, and Skype.  There is no longer an excuse for hiring the best. Call us now @ (901) 494-8033 or email us at


How will you get the help you need?

Future Focused

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