Stage 1 of Grief: Denial

In today’s post, we will discuss the first stage of grief, DENIAL. Denial is defined as a refusal to comply with or satisfy a request. In this stage, our heart plays the leading role. Despite strong evidence that the relationship is over, our mind chooses to entertain fantasies of the relationship making an encore presentation. Many clients experience feeling shocked or stunned. It can become overwhelming trying to process reality vs strong emotions. When you feel as if you have totally lost your bearings, everyday life can seem like a challenge. Your mind can become so consumed with all the different nuances of your lost relationship, that everyone and everything falls by the wayside. Whatever your particular situation, just make sure not to drunk text or telephone your ex. Trust me, you will thank me later.



Question of the day: What struggles are you having in letting go of your lost relationship?

Future Focused

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