Stage 2 of Grief: Anger

Stage 2 of the Grief Cycle is Anger. Oh goodness, here comes the fireworks. While in this stage, anger can rear its ugly head in many ways. For example, feelings of anger towards your ex, family/friends, God, or life itself. It is important to understand, that while anger itself is not bad, what we do with that anger can lead to dangerous or unhealthy circumstances. For instance, learning that your ex withdrew all of the money from a joint bank account is a legitimate reason to be mad. However, deflating all the tires on the car is not appropriate. I teach all of my clients that anger is really a mask for fear. In moving forward, I help clients to better understand their underlying fears and concerns, so that they can break free of destructive emotions. Wouldn’t it be great if you could learn the lesson the first time around?



Question of the day: How has your anger manifested in your life?

Future Focused



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