Stage 3 of Grief: Bargaining

Our discussion today will focus on bargaining. In the bargaining stage of the grief cycle, we call to our disposal all of our persuasive powers. For example, have you heard someone say, “If I promise to go to therapy, will you stay with me?” Or, “Lord, if you give me my relationship back, I promise to go to church more often.” During this stage, the person continues to entertain fantasies of reconciliation. Your heart continues to hold on to the possibility of a happily ever after. But don’t be fooled. Most people in the bargaining phase, will use whomever and whatever to get what they want. Things can quickly go wrong. That is why it is important to have healthy people in your life to talk with about your breakup. Those healthy conversations can keep you making a mistake that you would later regret.



What deals have you found yourself making?

Future Focused


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