Stage 4 of Grief: Depression

Stage 4 of the Grief Cycle is Depression. We have all been here a time or two in our lives. With respect to relationships, individuals in this phase are letting go of all hope of reconciliation with their ex. This new awareness can bring with it a whole host of issues. For example, isolation from family and friends. Depression can affect people in different ways. For instance, sleeplessness/sleeping too much, substance abuse, or overeating/loss of appetite. But the most destructive aspect of depression, is irrational thinking. It is important that you stay away from negative thoughts such as, “I don’t deserve happiness” “It was all my fault” or “Life will never be good again.” Make it a priority to reach out to healthy people. Even though alone time is good, remember, a healthy life is about balance.
How has depression changed your day-to-day life?
Future Focused

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