Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

I’ve come to a place where the things I used to do don’t work anymore. I know I need to make changes, but honestly, I’m scared.  Yes, even I get scared.  Even though I don’t like it, there’s comfort in the familiar. However, now there is more at stake. More of my dreams are becoming reality and I want to be fully present to receive them. So I have decided to place myself into uncharted territory. It’s been a long time since I have been here, and all I feel is vulnerable.  I feel so exposed and wide open. I find myself wondering if this journey will ask me to give up certain people or things along the way. Will I have the courage to do so or will the people in my life love the new me? At times, the fear of the unknown can get the best of me. Thank God for my own personal cheering section.  But if truth be told, there is a hint of excitement. Excitement for all the wonderful things I have to gain. Also, excitement that I love myself enough to do whatever it takes to live life abundantly.

Is there anyone else out there that wants to take a leap of faith in order to make their dreams come true? You don’t have to do it alone. There’s nothing wrong with you for being scared to do it.  It takes courage to become the person you want to be.  And even if our paths never cross professionally, I hope that you will find both the will and the way to living out all of your dreams.

Is the time right for you to hire a Future Focused Lifecoach?

Future Focused






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