Free Fallin’

I’m too far from the ledge and unable to see the bottom. Strangely enough, I’m enjoying the scenery around me.  Already, I’m seeing precious clues that explain what led me to the ledge. This gives me much-needed encouragement. Some days I feel hopeful. Other days, I question my sanity. But letting go and embracing the new isn’t always easy. This past week, I was tempted with an easy way out of my situation. Goodness, I wanted so badly to just accept the offer. However, I made a promise to myself that I would keep the promises that I make to myself.  I am excellent at keeping promises to other people. But lately, I have been struggling keeping promises to myself. We’ve all been there. It starts out with small things that eventually leads to bigger unkept agreements.  It’s a delicate dance trying to balance this thing called life. I work hard to make all my dreams come true, but I need to slow down enough to enjoy each precious moment. So right now, free fallin’ is just my speed. And at the right moment, I believe God will pull the parachute cord to give me a safe landing.

Are you committed to making your dreams come true?

Future Focused

Growing Pains


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