Laughter 1000mg


If it’s not fun I don’t want none.  Lol! See, being silly isn’t so bad. Seriously speaking, it is a vital component to living a healthier lifestyle. Recently, I have adopted the philosophy of making happiness a priority. If what I am doing is not allowing me to feel good about myself or the task at hand, then I stop whatever it is and move on. Now there is the rare exception when I’m not able to quickly walk away from something. However, in that situation, I simply change my thinking and create a plan on how to successfully move on. But through it all, I maintain an overall spirit of happiness. My strength lies in practicing gratitude and appreciation. I am grateful that I now live a life filled with power and purpose. I appreciate the joy that comes from being a deliberate creator of my beautiful life.


2 thoughts on “Laughter 1000mg

  1. 110% On POINT!! Happiness is ‘THE KEY’!! And Laughter is so Good for The Soul! I’m smiling ear to ear reading this. So hApPy for you! Keep on keepin’ on this Beautiful Path! 🙂


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