Language of the Universe

cloud heart

“The Universe doesn’t speak the way we speak. It doesn’t speak English, French, Spanish, or Kiswahili. The Universe speaks with your intentions. That’s why none of us can ever lie to God. Your mouth may be saying one thing, but your heart is saying something else.” KRS-One


Get your heart in alignment with goodness and positivity, and watch the universe open itself up to you.


One thought on “Language of the Universe

  1. Love this and so very true. I wake up giving Gratitude and Blessed for each and every day given. I strive daily to be the Best Human Spirit I can be each day. Positive and Spreading Joy and Love as much as possible. When I become ‘overwhelmed’ as all do… I just ‘STOP & BREATHE’! Take a personal time away focusing on only POSITIVE to regroup myself. There are many Blessed in so many ways and often are missing it .. because of not being open or receptive to seeing it. Life seems so busy with the hurry up that often times all Life’s Wonders and Blessings are being Missed. None of us are promised a tomorrow… therefore I live in the ‘NOW’… Gratefully So 😉

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