Teach Them Well


Respect is critical in any relationship. Be mindful to set appropriate boundaries and enforce them consistently. This is a wonderful self-care tool to use. Being aware of your personal limits and respectfully enforcing them, shows others just how valuable you believe yourself to be.

What are some of the ways that you respect and love yourself?

Future Focused


One thought on “Teach Them Well

  1. 110% On Point with this Topic …

    I learned this the hard way of course. The first time at a very early age. I would believe to be earlier than most. However as years passed … I found myself being reminded of this lesson more than once. Now it is much easier.

    The biggest challenge I have had to face came when my Health took a Turn and continued to decline … I was fine until … the decline rendered me disabled. Having such physical limitations was a total game changer for me! I had always been a “go to” person … There for others… Busy Life … and then… I had to STOP! I had to for my Health!!

    I found this to be One Of The Greatest Challenges … because I never wanted to “let others down” 😢😥😪

    It was my Dad who helped me through this … The way he explained it one day to me that just “stood out” in my head! He said “Baby Girl, you have to learn to STOP … we all know You and Anyone Who Knows You … Knows your Heart and Spirit … but you have to Change the Way You Are Looking at Your Life Now!!


    Now those words “rang in my ears” … for some reason!

    So now … Yes, I love and respect myself enough to say NO… and just let it go if someone doesn’t understand!

    #BlessingUpAlways 😌


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