Size Doesn’t Matter


One of the biggest dream killers is DISTRACTION. Distractions come in many sizes, shapes, forms, people, and situations. And you know it’s a genuine distraction when you spend a great amount of time trying to convince others their perception of you is wrong.

People are only able to understand you based on their level of perception. Meaning, they judge your thoughts and behaviors based on their views, ideas, and experiences. So don’t take it personally when others can’t understand you or your vision. We all are doing the best we can at each given moment. Stay focused on who you believe yourself to be. Who does God say you are? What is your life’s purpose?

Begin to redirect that negative energy into a positive action. Focus on the people who are a blessing to you. You know, the loved ones that never ask for anything. Because in their hearts, your health and happiness is all that matters.

Who are the positive people in your life?

Future Focused


One thought on “Size Doesn’t Matter

  1. Ohmygoodness … The timing of my reading this is “On Point” 😅 I have just had this discussion with regards to my Circle getting smaller and smaller with two of my very dear Forever Friends. Now I know many people … however this differs from the actual individuals I allow “in my life”. There is indeed a Big Difference.

    Just in the past Two Years I have chosen to Let Go of two individuals who have been ” in my life ” for over 35+ years. I do not wish them ill nor do I hold any anger, hurt, resentments … I just Lift them Up Daily. 😌🙌

    I do not require the approval of others. I only have control of myself and my choices in this Lifetime. I choose Positive Love Light and Healing Energy. My choices are a Reflection Upon Me … Others actions, words, responses are a Reflection Upon Them. I do not sit in Judgement of Others … For me … There is Only One Judge.

    I choose to Love My Reflection (I have to face myself in my own mirror daily) as well as continue to Strive in Being the Best Soul I Can Be Each and Everyday Blessed With!

    I am beyond truly Blessed to Have the Positive Ones In My Life … Much Gratitude Daily knowing “my cup runneth over” 😌💞

    ~Blessings Always~


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