What’s Mine is Your’s


At the beginning of each year, my wife and I set our intentions for the coming year. For 2017, we are working toward decluttering our physical spaces and being mindful of our spending. Recently, we decided that instead of hiring someone to make the necessary repairs in our bedroom, we would do it ourselves. So we began taking everything out of the room and quickly realized that we had an obscene amount of stuff tucked in every nook and cranny. I was utterly unprepared for such a sight.

Today, our house is turned upside down and it feels amazing. We have been busy clearing the house of items that no longer serve us. And in the process, we are blessing other people. So many times throughout this experience we have heard, “I needed one of those” or “I was just about to go out and buy that.” It has been an incredible feeling being a blessing in someone’s life while working to reclaim your own.

At the start of this project, I never knew that my junk would mean so much to so many people. We have donated to friends, family, strangers, and organizations. This has been an incredible experience. I feel so free and happy.

My little bit + a giving heart = limitless joy.

How do you bless others?

Future Focused






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