Future Focused Coaching is a coaching firm specializing in personal development, wellness, and professional workplace coaching. I am a Certified Positive Psychology Coach using the latest and most effective coaching interventions to assist you in reaching your desired results.

Shenita offers her clients a vast wealth of knowledge as a former counseling psychology therapist with over 15 years experience and over a decade of professional coaching experience.

Coaching Services
Individual Coaching
Group Coaching
Executive Individual/Group Coaching
Team Building
Mindfulness Coaching
EAP Coaching

Training Topics
Balancing Shiftwork and Personal Family Life
Stop Putting It Off: Strategies for Overcoming Procrastination
Strategies for Overcoming Overload
Generational Differences in the Workplace
Adopting a Healthy Lifestyle
Coping With Anxiety
Building Skills to Handle Life’s Pressures
Change Mastery
Stress Management and Balance At Home
Respectful Communication in the Workplace
Strengthening Work Relationships

Previous Future Focused Clients
GlaxoSmithKline LLC- Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Company
Tennessee Valley Authority- Electric Utility Company
United Technologies Corporation- Conglomerate- Fortune 100
21st Century Fox and Fox Entertainment Group- Media

Do you need help in successfully navigating workplace environments? Would you like to learn how to live a more mindful lifestyle? Would you like to learn how to cultivate healthier relationships? Are you ready to have life work for you?

If so, contact Shenita @ 864.775.1034 and start one of the most transformative journeys of your life.


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