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Shenita Sanders is a successful personal development coach that helps women through significant life events. Her ideal clients are motivated women who find themselves struggling with their identity, unhealthy/broken relationships, or have a strong desire to re-invent themselves. As the Founder of Future Focused Coaching, Shenita’s mission is to create a safe, supportive, and encouraging coaching experience for women to accomplish their desired results. Clients have often called Shenita the “Nurturing Coach” because she has a unique ability to connect with clients and help them to discover their values, strengths, and needs. As a Certified Positive Psychology Coach, she uses the most effective positive psychology tools and interventions to help clients gain a deeper insight into possible solutions for their lives. As a former psychotherapist, Shenita has experienced firsthand the pain that comes with always taking care of others and not making herself a priority. This was the motivating factor for her to become a life coach. Shenita understands how it feels to have daydreams of living an exciting life. She also understands the frustration of feeling stuck and unsure of how to move forward. Now, because of her courage to reach out for a better life, Shenita has successfully transformed herself into a woman living in her greatness. Are you ready to live in your greatness? Would you like to turn your daydreams into reality? Would you like to learn how to cultivate healthier relationships? Are you ready to have life work for you? If so, contact Shenita @ 901.494.8033 and begin one of the most significant journeys of your life.

Mindful Community

This month at Future Focused, we will celebrate our Mindful Community. A group of individuals coming together for the common unity of the human and animal families. We strive to live in peace and harmony with one another, while actively cultivating relationships of compassion, cooperation, and service.

Do you belong to a Mindful Community? What do you value most about your community? I enjoy the sacred feeling of belonging. Being a part of a safe group of people that are supportive and accepting. Especially when I’m not at my best.

Throughout July, bring your awareness to the group of individuals that make up your Mindful Community. What do you appreciate about your Mindful Community? What are some ways that you can better serve your Mindful Community? What are the ways you allow your Mindful Community to serve you?

If you don’t belong to a Mindful Community, what would you like your Mindful Community to look like? What steps are you willing to take to find this community? What are the benefits of your Mindful Community?

No man or woman is an island. We all need someone to help us through this thing called life. Take time to not only be the blessing in someone’s life, but to allow someone to be a blessing in your life.


Mindful Living Series Episode 5 – Careers and Mindfulness Benefits

Careers and Callings

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Welcome May 2018!
Spring has sprung and with it comes a new and fresh perspective of life. This month we will focus our attention/intentions on Careers. Does the work we do have value or purpose? Are we so busy earning a living that it takes away our ability to truly live life?
These and many other questions we will reflect upon during our time together this month.
Question of the day: What is your dream job that best utilizes your gifts and talents?
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Finances and Feelings

Mindful Living Series Episode 4- Finances

Mindful Living Series Episode 3- Health

Stillness and Sanctuary

Stillness and Sanctuary

5 Bountiful Benefits of Creating Space In Your Life



It’s a new year and you really want to create a new you. However, like so many people, you might not feel so motivated to get started. Trust me, I’ve been there. Yes, that’s right. This personal development coach has struggles. Many struggles that I have been fortunate to overcome and grow through.

One of my favorite tools I use is called Creating Space. The Creating Space exercise helps us to become mindful of our immediate space, and how to use that space to create mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

Well-being, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is the state of being happy, healthy, or prosperous. Sounds lovely doesn’t it? But in our busy hectic world, I would settle for just comfortable.

Think about it, imagine having the ability to create more happy, healthy, and prosperous days throughout your year. It’s a superpower worth having and it’s easier than you think to possess.

Simply become mindful of your environment. Then take the necessary steps to clear out the things that no longer promote a sense of well-being, and watch how happiness, health, and prosperity find its way into your life.

Here are the 5 Bountiful Benefits of Creating Space

Clean Space.  Find a small room or space within a room to call your own. Make this space clutter free. In this space, place things that bring positive emotions. If necessary, gently remind yourself to be diligent in keeping your space clutter free. Remember, you’re not just cleaning. You are creating a safe and soothing space to retreat.

For me, this is my meditation room. My meditation room promotes feelings of comfort and safety. It feels good looking around and knowing this space is just for me.

Increased Well-being.  It can feel good knowing that you have a space that makes sense to you. Especially when in so many other parts of our lives, we have very little control. However, in your created space, you are the designer. It has the potential to give you a safe and supportive foundation to build the new and improved you.

Clarity. Clarity is when there is little distance between what you want and how to get it. You feel the excitement of new worlds opening to you. No longer are you burdened by doubt or insecurity. Clarity helps to connect you to unlimited possibilities.

Letting Go of People That Use You.  Do you have people in your life that give you very little in return? Have you surrounded yourself with people who make you feel as if you work harder to maintain a mediocre relationship? If you answered yes to these questions, then maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your standards for quality relationships.

As a personal development coach, I share with clients the importance of surrounding yourself with supportive people and being selective with whom you allow into your inner circle.

As we get older, the need for quality over quantity becomes critical. It’s the time of life when you place a premium on taking better care of yourself and wanting to be with others that value your vision for your life.

Distractions are huge dream killers and energy zappers. Be courageous to lovingly let go of people who are not able to adapt to your new and healthier way of life.

Let Go of Things You No Longer Use.  Many of us are blessed to have nice things. There are also many of us that have been blessed to have a lot of nice things. The revolutionary act of decluttering is not only great for you and your home, but you have the potential to be a tremendous blessing to others.

Those things that no longer serve you, are the very things that someone else is wishing to own. By letting go of these things, you free yourself to open the door to be blessed in return. You feel a sense of release of old things. There is freedom that comes with making peace with your past and letting it go.

The Word No Becomes Your BFF.  After you create your safe space and life begins to work better for you, saying no becomes a priority. You realize your value and are more motivated to enforce your personal boundaries.

Nothing says love better than an individual that is respectful of oneself. We all have a golden opportunity to show others the best way to love us. Simply by showing them the respectful and healthy ways that we love ourselves.

There are many different ways you can create space in your life. This simple and effective exercise, has the potential to put you on the right road to creating a new you and being a positive influence on others.

My journey started with one room in my home. That one room turned into a safe and supportive way to better enjoy life.


What ways can you create space in your life?

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