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I Traded My Magnificence For…

YOU are a magnificent reflection of your creator. No matter if you agree with this statement or not. The meaning of this statement remains authentic and very real.

How often have you traded your magnificence for people, places, or things that are beneath you?  Are you a person that judges yourself harshly? Do you allow others to take advantage of your magnificence? Has someone hurt you so deeply and you struggle with letting go of the memories? Do you find yourself in the midst of a scary life transition and unsure how you will emerge victorious? Please understand that you are not alone. But more than anything, today I want you to STOP and TAKE TIME to ENJOY your magnificence. Yes YOU! It’s there, just give yourself permission to find your beauty.

START using your MAGNIFICENCE for an abundant life filled with love, beauty, balance, and health. The steps you take today will lead you closer into your magnificence tomorrow.

What ways are you MAGNIFICENT?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Future Focused



I Wanna Play Too!

Seems like lately, I have met many people who feel isolated while in the midst of a crowd. They seemed genuinely confused by their feelings until I explained to them that our lives were designed for balance and healthy connections.

Many of us excel on our jobs while others seem to excel in their personal lives. One of the lessons I learned years ago was, the energy I put into my career is the same energy I need to have for my personal relationships. So many times I felt like an outsider, even when I was  with friends and loved ones. It wasn’t until I began living in the moment did I experience the sense of belonging that my heart desired.

Life is too short and wonderful to experience it without good quality relationships. Take the necessary steps to live a more balanced and connected lifestyle.

What can you do to have healthier relationships?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Future Focused


A Book and Its Cover

In the past few months, life has dealt me several hard blows. Earlier this year, I began seeking answers to questions like, “Who am I?”, “What purpose would I like my life to have?”, “What ways can I leave this earth better than what it is now?”

After a beautiful conversation with a friend, I realized, “I’m a fighter!”  My down never means I’m out. My silence never means I’m weak. And most importantly, my tears usually mean that my soul is being cleansed.

A clean soul makes for a free spirit. A free spirit makes a happy heart. And a happy heart opens the way to a more balanced life.

How do you cope with stress?

Future Focused

Reunited And It Feels So Good

In relationships, we are taught that absence makes the heart grow

fonder.  In many cases that can be true.  Being able to take time

for personal nourishment, can give you the precious opportunity

to appreciate the people and things in your life. The gift of seeing

the beauty in your loved ones will make for a special reunion.


Who do you miss?

Future Focused

Rollercoaster of Love

We all have people in or lives that have a difficult time managing their relationships.

Whether they are romantic, friendships, business, or family, we all have ups and


One of the best remedies for such difficulties is to figure out what role you play.

What are you doing or not doing?  What are you saying or not saying?  Do you

fight fair? Do you like who you become when you are around this person?

Even though love at times can feel like a rollercoaster, you must know when it

is best to get off of the ride.  Loving relationships move you forward in a

healthy and positive direction together.  Getting the answers to these

important questions will put you on the right track to a healthier relationship.


How does your love treat you?

Future Focused

Love Life

Each morning is a new opportunity to become the person that

you were created to be.  We are all made to live strong,

fearless, and abundant lives.  The ability to love in many

directions puts us on the path to reap a great harvest.


How many directions will you love?

Future Focused

Laws of Attraction

We attract to ourselves what we hold inside.  Every circumstance,
every person, and every situation that we attract and experience is
based on what is inside of us.  Could you ask for a more magnificent system than this?
Your life is a reflection of what you hold inside of you, and what you hold
inside you is always under your control.
Rhonda Byrne- The Secret

What do you hold inside of you?
Future Focused