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Top 3 Ways to Have a Productive 2014



2014 proves to be off to a wonderful start. So, in order to keep a good thing going, here are three great ways to have a productive year.

1.  Establish a clear vision. Creating an unmistakable direction for your year will better prepare you for your journey. When we are clear about where we want to be, we better equip ourselves for success. Let’s face it, making positive changes can require lots of hard work. However, if we are sure about what we want and why it is important to have it, then we freely make a conscious commitment to ourselves to not only do better, but to be better.

2.  Strategic planning. Making smart and realistic changes are essential keys to successful long-lasting change. For example, if you try to lose weight by means of starvation, then it is highly probable that your plan is neither smart or realistic. As a successful Life Transition Specialist, my secret weapon to helping clients reach their goals, is to get them to have a greater understanding of themselves as a whole. I teach clients to understand and embrace all of their strengths and weaknesses. Knowing this provides the client with critical knowledge to help prevent failure. Together, we devise a smart plan that undoubtedly leads you to the desired result.

3.  No excuses. Now that you have a clear vision and strategic plan, it is time to give yourself a 100% commitment to your goal. You are now willing to give any and everything to make sure that being the best you is a top priority. There is such an intense desire to move in a positive direction that it feels as if very little could stop your progress. You are keenly aware of past failures and successes and will use that to your advantage. Success is your only option and your 100% commitment empowers you to be successful.

Even though change has the potential to be difficult, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With the right changes, you can turn that mountain to a molehill, to a success story. As always, live life FUTURE FOCUSED!

What change(s) will you make in 2014?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Future Focused



Breaking the Bad

Sometimes it gets really difficult to see the good within ourselves. Lord knows I have been there more times than I care to count. When life changing circumstances, negative influences, or personal insecurities begin to speak loudest in your heart, make the effort to change the conversation.                                                                                            

In a perfect world, fear or insecurities would have no place in our lives. However, what makes us brave is when we make a conscious decision to fight through our battles despite what our feelings or circumstances tell us.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Begin to tell yourself those things that make you a valuable person, ask your family/friends what they most appreciate about you, and do something kind for another person. I guarantee your heart will begin to heal and you will be placed on a path that leads to your awesome destiny.


Find A Way

Recently, I was reminded of one woman’s journey of accomplishing her life’s dream. It took her 30 plus years to see the fulfillment of that dream. Often, I have wondered what did she do to remain dedicated, to stay on course, or encouraged. So, I began looking inside myself for answers. And after giving good consideration to this question, I have come to believe that if your dream is meant to be, YOU will find a way. There will be a small but powerful voice that partners with an undeniable feeling that says, “this is what you are supposed to do.”

There is one thing I remind myself in these moments, and that is, a delay is not a denial. Remain encouraged and soak in each lesson that life teaches. Soon you will begin to see obstacles as opportunities vital to your success.

Do you have a dream worth fighting for?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Future Focused



Process of Elimination


Hello my name is FEAR! You may not know who I am but I certainly know who you are. I’m the one who speaks negative thoughts in your head. I’m responsible for ruining that important relationship. And most importantly, I am the one responsible for holding you back. I enjoy your company and want to keep you for myself. You make me feel good when you give into me. I enjoy hearing you tell yourself  that you can’t do something. That gives me power, and I like controlling you. Control is my modus operandi. I must have it. I’m smart enough to know that if you ever begin to listen and respond to truth, then I will lose you forever. And that would be bad for me.

Is today your opportunity for change? Or will you allow fear to continue to control you? You have the power to decide.

Future Focused




There are times when life becomes very demanding and difficult to manage. So many people, places, or things command our time and attention. Have you ever found yourself lying in bed trying desperately to turn off your mind? Me too. Unplugging from my world helps me to reconnect to my personal power source. This means no phone, electronic gadgets, or people. For me, when peace is still, my cup is preparing to runneth over.

Ask For Help!

Ladies, my wish today is to coach you on how and when to ask for help. It breaks my heart to see and hear of women suffering in silence. The more responsibility you have, the more need you will have for help. Truthfully, asking for help is a sign of intelligence and strength. Even though we are  wonderfully made, there are limitations to our superpowers. We all possess a unique individual gift, but using those gifts collectively gives us our greatest potential for power.

In 2006, I founded Future Focused Professional Life Coaching because I found myself struggling asking for help. And not just any help. I needed help that would be discreet, encouraging, and affirming.  Back then, I was working as a psychotherapist. I needed someone that could understand that I shouldered the daily responsibilities of both patient concerns and healthcare staff members. In my job, there was very little room for error. Strangely enough, this is what made me one of the best, but also made me feel alone and stressed.

Please, please, please ladies take great care of yourselves. Do as I did, ASK FOR HELP! It will be the best decision of your life. It’s okay to be selective about the type of help you receive. Quality is important. Call Future Focused for professional life coaching services today. There are several ways that we can help you. Face-to-face, telephone, electronic mail, and Skype.  There is no longer an excuse for hiring the best. Call us now @ (901) 494-8033 or email us at


How will you get the help you need?

Future Focused

Dust Yourself Off

Tis the season for those wonderful New Year’s Resolutions. If you’re like me, you have a strong desire to have a better quality of life. There are several poor habits that I wish to correct. Some of them are small while others feel impossible to change. However, today I give myself permission to make mistakes. I pledge to be kinder to myself with my thoughts and actions. And if I fall short of my goals, I promise to speak gentle and encouraging words of life into my spirit.  My new motto is, “Dust yourself off and try again!”

What tool do you use to stay on track?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Future FocusedDust Yourself