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Got Love? Check.

Today I want to share with you  my annual State of the Heart Address.

Last year, I made a vow to myself that no matter what happened, I would make a choice to wrap myself up in a Love Bubble.  My Love Bubble has been a tremendous eye opener. It has opened my eyes to blessings that I wasn’t able to see before.  My Love Bubble has literally changed my life, world, and spirit.

So this Valentine’s Day is unlike any other. I have a greater appreciation for myself and everything in my life. During the darker moments of my life last year, the only thing that changed was my thinking.  Through my thoughts, I thought myself a beautiful existence. Through my thoughts, I thought myself bigger than any circumstance. Through my thoughts, I thought myself as love and the desire to be a blessing to others. Lastly, through my thoughts, I thought myself blessed beyond measure! And today, I am all of these things,  through my thoughts!


What is your State of the Heart report?

Future Focused



Voices In My Head

Not too long ago, I was talking with a client about helping him with his relationships and how to improve them.  His story reminded me of  my past struggles in relationships.  I shared with him how negative self-talk was playing a powerful role in damaging my relationships.  Most importantly, my relationship with myself.  Because I thought of myself in a negative way, my feelings, choices, and behaviors fell in line with my thoughts. My turning point came when I woke up feeling sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. I wanted better for myself because I knew I deserved better.  I was finally able to accept that I was created for a beautiful purpose and was willing to do whatever necessary to take control of my destiny.  Life coaching was a wonderful experience in my life. But I will always be thankful that I gave myself permission to live in the light and no longer exist in the darkness!

What do your voices say to you?

Future Focused


How I Got Over

Life can be amazing on many levels. A few days ago, I was reminded of just how far I have come as a human being. I recalled many dark and traumatic places and times.  Those times felt so real that I believed it was my only reality.  Fast forward to years later, and I can see just how many negative circumstances that I successfully overcome.

My secrets to success have been my deep spirituality and surrounding myself with healthy and trustworthy people.  I have learned to not only to spend quality time with God, but to listen to His voice and follow through.  And just when I needed something the most, the right person(s) was always there.  My loving and life saving support system.

Each life experience has helped to make me into the woman I am today.  So in this moment is a woman grateful for her life and the ability to live it to the fullest!  I am proud of me!

What have you overcome?

Future Focused

Feelings of Fortune

I write this note as a human being who truly understands what it means to have nothing. No money, friends, or family. All at different points of my life, but just a few short years ago, all at the same time. I have vivid memories of feeling so alone that the silence in my head was deafening. No matter how hard I tried to reach out to others, I felt as if I were not accomplishing anything but continued frustration and anger.
Soon after that, I began to let go of what control I thought that I had and just allowed peace to be still. I began to look for the lessons in the loneliness. I knew that I never wanted to be in this position again, so I prayed and asked God to help me pass the test the first time around.
Over a period of time I began to see the importance of my season. I harbored alot of anger, resentment, and disappointments at people in my life who I felt hurt me. My expectations of people were unfair. I was stubborn, hardheaded, and hardhearted. And Lord knows, my pain was the only pain that mattered. By losing it all, I was able to find the beauty and joy in everything and everyone. Life was precious because I was slowly but surely finding me again. My attitude became that of humility and gratitude. I expected nothing and appreciated everything. That doesn’t mean that I don’t set standards or any expectations of myself or anyone else. It just means that now they are more in tune with reality.
My feelings of fortune lies in my attitude and thinking. Understanding is a key weapon in my arsenal. It helps me to fight off negativity. Today, I think that I am a very blessed person. I feel as if I have a “Blessings Storage Bin” just to handle all of the overflow. But to an outsider looking in, they might not see much. I have very few material possessions, I live a simple life without the trappings, and I don’t care for big/fancy things. But what I do have is a humbled and grateful heart and a much appreciated peace of mind. I truly believe that If God had given me these things before my season of lonliness then I would have simply dismissed them or expected Him to give them to me and never appreciated their worth.
Life has and will continue to take me to very interesting places, but now I feel fortunate to expereince any and everything with any and everyone.

What are your life lessons?
Future Focused

Soul Glo

When your light shines, it illuminates everything and everyone

in its path.  Never allow the criticism of others to convince you

to cover your light.  Although your light may expose dark truths

in some.  In others, it can be the light of hope and possibilities.

Do you have the courage to shine your light?

Future Focused