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So You Think You Know Me

When people criticize your glory, it’s because they have no idea about your story. The light your life shines often illuminates the not so nice parts in other peoples lives. Instead of taking this as an opportunity to work on those things that causes them unhappiness, critical people find it easier to attack you. When this happens, use your heart to look deeper than the negative words and offer compassion instead of defensive or negative comments. What critics are really saying is, “I want what you have and I’m scared that I will never have it.” Share with them the reason why your light shines so brightly. You could be the missing link to their destiny!

How do you handle criticism?                                                                          

Future Focused





Find A Way

Recently, I was reminded of one woman’s journey of accomplishing her life’s dream. It took her 30 plus years to see the fulfillment of that dream. Often, I have wondered what did she do to remain dedicated, to stay on course, or encouraged. So, I began looking inside myself for answers. And after giving good consideration to this question, I have come to believe that if your dream is meant to be, YOU will find a way. There will be a small but powerful voice that partners with an undeniable feeling that says, “this is what you are supposed to do.”

There is one thing I remind myself in these moments, and that is, a delay is not a denial. Remain encouraged and soak in each lesson that life teaches. Soon you will begin to see obstacles as opportunities vital to your success.

Do you have a dream worth fighting for?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Future Focused



Words and Destiny

Take a moment to reflect on your deepest and most private thoughts. Are you thinking words of love and encouragement, or hopelessness and frustration? Be mindful of the thoughts that dominate your spirit. Those thoughts will surely become behaviors. Behaviors will become habits. Habits will shape your character. And your character will lead you to your destiny. We have the power to create our realities through thoughts, so make it a great one!

What thoughts are you speaking into your spirit?

Future Focused


life is like a camera

I Traded My Magnificence For…

YOU are a magnificent reflection of your creator. No matter if you agree with this statement or not. The meaning of this statement remains authentic and very real.

How often have you traded your magnificence for people, places, or things that are beneath you?  Are you a person that judges yourself harshly? Do you allow others to take advantage of your magnificence? Has someone hurt you so deeply and you struggle with letting go of the memories? Do you find yourself in the midst of a scary life transition and unsure how you will emerge victorious? Please understand that you are not alone. But more than anything, today I want you to STOP and TAKE TIME to ENJOY your magnificence. Yes YOU! It’s there, just give yourself permission to find your beauty.

START using your MAGNIFICENCE for an abundant life filled with love, beauty, balance, and health. The steps you take today will lead you closer into your magnificence tomorrow.

What ways are you MAGNIFICENT?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Future Focused


Strength In Numbers

For the past few months, I have been sharing my experiences with being in my Love Bubble.  Recently, I have added yet another benefit to this beautiful life of mine, and that is STRENGTH! Everyday I wake up and purposefully put on an attitude of love and gratitude. My mind and world have been pleasantly transformed despite all of the many obstacles life tries to throw my way.  Recently, I have been reminded that love gives me strength to face, cope, and overcome my biggest fears.  I remained committed to seeing the beauty in ALL things, and was given a most precious gift. I could literally feel the love and support of people holding me up and giving me what I need to make it through. I walked away from that situation with a greater respect and love for myself  because I accomplished something that I never thought I was strong enough to do.  My Goliath is gone and I could not have done it without all the people who are in my love life.   THANK YOU EVERYONE!


Who gives you strength in times of need?

Future Focused



How I Got Over

Life can be amazing on many levels. A few days ago, I was reminded of just how far I have come as a human being. I recalled many dark and traumatic places and times.  Those times felt so real that I believed it was my only reality.  Fast forward to years later, and I can see just how many negative circumstances that I successfully overcome.

My secrets to success have been my deep spirituality and surrounding myself with healthy and trustworthy people.  I have learned to not only to spend quality time with God, but to listen to His voice and follow through.  And just when I needed something the most, the right person(s) was always there.  My loving and life saving support system.

Each life experience has helped to make me into the woman I am today.  So in this moment is a woman grateful for her life and the ability to live it to the fullest!  I am proud of me!

What have you overcome?

Future Focused

Count It All Joy

The other day I was thinking about my life and how I have chosen to live it.  It was a beautiful experience looking back and seeing how my choices have led me to this season of my life.  Here’s what I learned about myself:

First, I live with few regrets.  Years ago, I promised myself that living with regrets would not be my reality. There was a time in my life when I was afraid to live life. I protected myself too much and became bitter as I watched other people live life.

Second, God has given me what at times I wasn’t able to give myself. “LOVE.”  Looking back at some of the more difficult moments of my life, I can see the loving hand of God at work. I recall tender memories of various people giving me a hand up and encouraging me to pursuit my dreams.

Lastly, being aware of my destiny. Since the age of nine, I knew being a life coach/therapist/counselor was my life’s calling. For as long as I can remember, I felt that God gave me this gift to share with the world. When I operate within my gift, I feel a closer connection to God. The closer I am to God, the better friend I am to myself. And when I am loving to myself I become a more dynamic life coach to my clients.

Life’s good!

What does your life teach you?

Future Focused