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Morning Run

Navajo Sun

Some time ago, I was introduced to the beautiful sacred Navajo Tradition of running toward the sun.  Early in the morning, as the sun is coming up, the Navajos run toward the sun to greet the new day. It is believed that when the sun comes up, so does the gods. So they run to greet the gods surrounded by the beauty of the morning sunlight.

Doesn’t that sound beautiful? Imagine waking up each morning and running toward divine love. Can you picture yourself running toward fresh opportunities for the tender mercies of love? I certainly can. And I believe with my entire being, that the more I align myself with love, the more gratitude I feel with each new day and the limitless possibilities that await me.

Are you showing up every morning to claim your new and amazing possibilities?

Future Focused


Laughter 1000mg


If it’s not fun I don’t want none.  Lol! See, being silly isn’t so bad. Seriously speaking, it is a vital component to living a healthier lifestyle. Recently, I have adopted the philosophy of making happiness a priority. If what I am doing is not allowing me to feel good about myself or the task at hand, then I stop whatever it is and move on. Now there is the rare exception when I’m not able to quickly walk away from something. However, in that situation, I simply change my thinking and create a plan on how to successfully move on. But through it all, I maintain an overall spirit of happiness. My strength lies in practicing gratitude and appreciation. I am grateful that I now live a life filled with power and purpose. I appreciate the joy that comes from being a deliberate creator of my beautiful life.

My Magic Kingdom

Envision having an unlimited open invitation to the happiest place on earth. Imagine very few obstacles that would keep you from your magic kingdom. Here is the secret: The happiest place on earth must first begin in your heart.

Try to visualize, that no matter where you go throughout your day, your steps are ordered in happiness and love. How is this possible you ask? I teach people that no matter what season of life you may find yourself, you are in that place for a divine reason. Just like there is value in the valley, we also need to remember that there must be gratitude in the good times.

Until we learn to accept ourselves as a whole, we will remain powerless victims to random moments of happiness.

If you are struggling getting to your happy place, then step outside of yourself and do something nice for another person. Be a blessing to others will be your golden ticket to the happiest place on earth.

What are some ways you are willing to extend kindness to others?

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I’m Gooder Than That

Talking with a good friend the other day, I was blown away at how far  my life has come.  I felt so inspired that I wrote down all of the things I have been through within the past 15 years and compared it to where I am now.

For me, writing things down and seeing my life on paper, helped me to see things clearer. It also gave me a deeper appreciation for myself. I realized, that even in my lowest moments, I was brave enough to dream and pursuit a better life.

Today, I feel more encouraged than ever. I learned that I am a loving, compassionate, resilient, and a determined woman.  So with each day, I vow to myself, that I will not stop living life to the fullest until I have squeezed out  every bit of goodness this life has to offer.

How will you inspire yourself today?

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be your

When the Sun Shines

When the sun shines, it doesn’t ask, “How did I do today?” or “Do you appreciate me yet?” No. It simply shines. Doing what it was created to do. Bringing light out of the darkness. Like the sun, when we are doing what we are created to do, then we are living an authentic life that will bring light into the world.                                                                     As always, live life FUTURE FOCUSED!

What does your authentic life look like?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Future Focused


Joy Maker!

Feelings of great pleasure and happiness equals JOY! Who or what in your life gives you great pleasure and happiness? Be kind and share that joy with others. You never know, your kindness might be the lifeline a hurting person is needing. As always live life FUTURE FOCUSED!


How do you share your happiness?

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baby elephant

Body Talk

Our words are powerful beyond measure. They have the ability to bring an abundance of love and health. Wake up each morning and speak encouraging words as if anyone at any given moment could see and hear your thoughts. Remind yourself daily why you are the precious light of Divine Love.

What are the kind words you speak into your spirit?

Future Focused


Words on skin