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Live Your Beliefs

Live Your Beliefs

Years ago, when I would encounter negative people or situations, I used to get mad and of course blame others. Now, I say “thank you” for the reality check and work to correct the situation from within.

The truth is, a belief is just a thought you keep thinking. And if you are constantly thinking low vibration thoughts, then it will show up in your life. Garbage in, garbage out.

In your quiet time, take an honest assessment of how life is working for you. If you feel life is not working as well as you would like it to, then begin with changing your negative beliefs. This will help you to better align with whom you would like to become. Beauty in, beauty out.

How do your thoughts turn to things?

Future Focused


Breaking the Bad

Sometimes it gets really difficult to see the good within ourselves. Lord knows I have been there more times than I care to count. When life changing circumstances, negative influences, or personal insecurities begin to speak loudest in your heart, make the effort to change the conversation.                                                                                            

In a perfect world, fear or insecurities would have no place in our lives. However, what makes us brave is when we make a conscious decision to fight through our battles despite what our feelings or circumstances tell us.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Begin to tell yourself those things that make you a valuable person, ask your family/friends what they most appreciate about you, and do something kind for another person. I guarantee your heart will begin to heal and you will be placed on a path that leads to your awesome destiny.


When the Sun Shines

When the sun shines, it doesn’t ask, “How did I do today?” or “Do you appreciate me yet?” No. It simply shines. Doing what it was created to do. Bringing light out of the darkness. Like the sun, when we are doing what we are created to do, then we are living an authentic life that will bring light into the world.                                                                     As always, live life FUTURE FOCUSED!

What does your authentic life look like?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Future Focused


Body Talk

Our words are powerful beyond measure. They have the ability to bring an abundance of love and health. Wake up each morning and speak encouraging words as if anyone at any given moment could see and hear your thoughts. Remind yourself daily why you are the precious light of Divine Love.

What are the kind words you speak into your spirit?

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Words on skin

Words and Destiny

Take a moment to reflect on your deepest and most private thoughts. Are you thinking words of love and encouragement, or hopelessness and frustration? Be mindful of the thoughts that dominate your spirit. Those thoughts will surely become behaviors. Behaviors will become habits. Habits will shape your character. And your character will lead you to your destiny. We have the power to create our realities through thoughts, so make it a great one!

What thoughts are you speaking into your spirit?

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life is like a camera

My Killer Smile

One of the many things I appreciate about myself is my killer smile. I love smiling at people and seeing a stoned face turn into a new friend.   Laughter and love are ways that I nourish my soul. My cup runneth over.

Life rule #1: It is self-full to make yourself a priority! What is in the cup is mine. What comes out of the cup is how I choose to bless the world. As always, live life FUTURE FOCUSED!

How do you nourish your spirit?

Future Focused


love,laugh, abundantly

Thank you God!

What if you wake up tomorrow and the only thing you have is what you told God thank you for yesterday. When I heard this question, it gave me a powerful wakeup call to be diligent and consistent in giving thanks to not only God, but to everyone and everything.


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