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Imagine all the important people in your life. When you speak to them, do your words inspire or disempower?

So many times in this life, I have seen the amazing power of using empowering language. I haven’t met a person yet that doesn’t enjoy being seen in a beautiful light.

Speak words of beauty and watch how people rise up to become them.


What ways do you encourage yourself?

Future Focused

So You Think You Know Me

When people criticize your glory, it’s because they have no idea about your story. The light your life shines often illuminates the not so nice parts in other peoples lives. Instead of taking this as an opportunity to work on those things that causes them unhappiness, critical people find it easier to attack you. When this happens, use your heart to look deeper than the negative words and offer compassion instead of defensive or negative comments. What critics are really saying is, “I want what you have and I’m scared that I will never have it.” Share with them the reason why your light shines so brightly. You could be the missing link to their destiny!

How do you handle criticism?                                                                          

Future Focused




Breaking the Bad

Sometimes it gets really difficult to see the good within ourselves. Lord knows I have been there more times than I care to count. When life changing circumstances, negative influences, or personal insecurities begin to speak loudest in your heart, make the effort to change the conversation.                                                                                            

In a perfect world, fear or insecurities would have no place in our lives. However, what makes us brave is when we make a conscious decision to fight through our battles despite what our feelings or circumstances tell us.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Begin to tell yourself those things that make you a valuable person, ask your family/friends what they most appreciate about you, and do something kind for another person. I guarantee your heart will begin to heal and you will be placed on a path that leads to your awesome destiny.


Body Talk

Our words are powerful beyond measure. They have the ability to bring an abundance of love and health. Wake up each morning and speak encouraging words as if anyone at any given moment could see and hear your thoughts. Remind yourself daily why you are the precious light of Divine Love.

What are the kind words you speak into your spirit?

Future Focused


Words on skin

Words and Destiny

Take a moment to reflect on your deepest and most private thoughts. Are you thinking words of love and encouragement, or hopelessness and frustration? Be mindful of the thoughts that dominate your spirit. Those thoughts will surely become behaviors. Behaviors will become habits. Habits will shape your character. And your character will lead you to your destiny. We have the power to create our realities through thoughts, so make it a great one!

What thoughts are you speaking into your spirit?

Future Focused


life is like a camera

Voices In My Head

Not too long ago, I was talking with a client about helping him with his relationships and how to improve them.  His story reminded me of  my past struggles in relationships.  I shared with him how negative self-talk was playing a powerful role in damaging my relationships.  Most importantly, my relationship with myself.  Because I thought of myself in a negative way, my feelings, choices, and behaviors fell in line with my thoughts. My turning point came when I woke up feeling sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. I wanted better for myself because I knew I deserved better.  I was finally able to accept that I was created for a beautiful purpose and was willing to do whatever necessary to take control of my destiny.  Life coaching was a wonderful experience in my life. But I will always be thankful that I gave myself permission to live in the light and no longer exist in the darkness!

What do your voices say to you?

Future Focused


Laws of Attraction

We attract to ourselves what we hold inside.  Every circumstance,
every person, and every situation that we attract and experience is
based on what is inside of us.  Could you ask for a more magnificent system than this?
Your life is a reflection of what you hold inside of you, and what you hold
inside you is always under your control.
Rhonda Byrne- The Secret

What do you hold inside of you?
Future Focused

What Did You Say To Me?

What happened to the good ole days when people made an honest attempt to be kind, friendly, appreciative?  Is it too much to ask for simple human courtesy?

Today, I was reminded of an important lesson.  “Sweet words beguiles the bitter ear.”  You are more likely to receive positive results when being charming and personable.  Harsh words will likely give you frustration, anger, and all the results that you do not want.

Remember, using positive and encouraging words opens your life to receive goodness and gets you closer to reaching your destiny.

How sweet are your words?

Future Focused

Slow Your Role

When two people come together for a relationship, they bring with them their own unique attitudes and expectations on how to have a relationship.  Because we were not all raised they same way, it is important to be aware of those differences.

We all have roles that we play in any relationship.  Do you feel comfortable or satisfied in the role that you play?  Are you living an authentic lifestyle?

The most important role you will ever play in your life is “YOU.”  There is no one else that has been or ever will be designed to play your special part.  Compromise is an essential element in any relationship.  However, the important lesson is to learn how to compromise without losing your authentic self.

We all need to be open to change, but we must also employ courage and honesty to let others know our true needs and feelings.  STOP playing someone else’s role and act out your true self daily.

What role are you playing in your relationships?

Future Focused