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Cultural Engineer


Hello everyone! I’ve got a new job. I’m pretty excited about it. My new title is Positive Cultural Engineer. That’s right, I have officially commissioned myself, as Mahatma Ghandi once said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

It feels exhilarating growing into your being as a powerful creator. Remember this.What you focus on expands. If your thoughts tend to stay in low vibrational frequencies like fear, anger, or lack. That is what you will create in your everyday environment. Fortunately, the opposite is just as true and powerful. If your thoughts are soaring in higher vibrational frequencies, then you will see amazing evidence of your awesomeness.

As newly appointed Positive Cultural Engineers, it’s up to us to make sure that we create for ourselves the happiest and most peaceful environments possible. Make sure to do things that nourish your spirit. Forgive yourself and others as needed. Decrease negative tv. Reconnect with nature. Do kind things for others, or countless other high vibrational activities.

There’s a big beautiful world out there. Together we can build one filled with love and compassion.

What positive change will you create?

Future Focused


Create Life


We are powerful beings with God given gifts and talents. Create the life you wish to live. One thought at a time. One action at a time.

Who could you be one year from now?

Future Focused

Aligning With Destiny

destiny-road (1)

Since the beginning of December, we’ve taken a journey of setting our intentions for the new year. We began by looking at the people and things that worked well for us this year. Then we made a conscious decision to set our intention(s) for the coming year. After that, we made a strong commitment to the changes we are willing to make to turn our intentions into reality. And lastly, we will take one final check to make sure that our intentions are in line with our destiny.

Goals, change, and intentions are wonderful to have. However, if they are not in direct alignment with our overall vision for our lives, it may take longer than necessary to get to us where we want to be. So, how do you know that you are aligning with your destiny? Simply put, the changes you wish to make will feel like a welcomed relief instead of a forced change. Deep in your spirit, you have longed for this change and find it difficult to dismiss. But for whatever reason, you felt unable to make the changes. Also, once we get serious about making a change, life is pretty good about giving us what we need when we need it. We begin to experience people and things that are suddenly available to help us through the transition. This is why setting intentions are powerful. Because once we have determined what it is that we want, then made the commitment to bring them into fruition, we unknowingly give ourselves permission to see and accept all the resources available to us for success.

“Faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead” (James 2:17 NIV). Have faith that you are a success. Actively put your plan into motion, and live as if you have already won the prize. Because no matter what is going on in your life right now, at this very moment, you are everything you need to become the person you want to be.

What positive changes are you making for 2015?

Future Focused

Free Fallin’

I’m too far from the ledge and unable to see the bottom. Strangely enough, I’m enjoying the scenery around me.  Already, I’m seeing precious clues that explain what led me to the ledge. This gives me much-needed encouragement. Some days I feel hopeful. Other days, I question my sanity. But letting go and embracing the new isn’t always easy. This past week, I was tempted with an easy way out of my situation. Goodness, I wanted so badly to just accept the offer. However, I made a promise to myself that I would keep the promises that I make to myself.  I am excellent at keeping promises to other people. But lately, I have been struggling keeping promises to myself. We’ve all been there. It starts out with small things that eventually leads to bigger unkept agreements.  It’s a delicate dance trying to balance this thing called life. I work hard to make all my dreams come true, but I need to slow down enough to enjoy each precious moment. So right now, free fallin’ is just my speed. And at the right moment, I believe God will pull the parachute cord to give me a safe landing.

Are you committed to making your dreams come true?

Future Focused

Growing Pains

Top 3 Ways to Have a Productive 2014



2014 proves to be off to a wonderful start. So, in order to keep a good thing going, here are three great ways to have a productive year.

1.  Establish a clear vision. Creating an unmistakable direction for your year will better prepare you for your journey. When we are clear about where we want to be, we better equip ourselves for success. Let’s face it, making positive changes can require lots of hard work. However, if we are sure about what we want and why it is important to have it, then we freely make a conscious commitment to ourselves to not only do better, but to be better.

2.  Strategic planning. Making smart and realistic changes are essential keys to successful long-lasting change. For example, if you try to lose weight by means of starvation, then it is highly probable that your plan is neither smart or realistic. As a successful Life Transition Specialist, my secret weapon to helping clients reach their goals, is to get them to have a greater understanding of themselves as a whole. I teach clients to understand and embrace all of their strengths and weaknesses. Knowing this provides the client with critical knowledge to help prevent failure. Together, we devise a smart plan that undoubtedly leads you to the desired result.

3.  No excuses. Now that you have a clear vision and strategic plan, it is time to give yourself a 100% commitment to your goal. You are now willing to give any and everything to make sure that being the best you is a top priority. There is such an intense desire to move in a positive direction that it feels as if very little could stop your progress. You are keenly aware of past failures and successes and will use that to your advantage. Success is your only option and your 100% commitment empowers you to be successful.

Even though change has the potential to be difficult, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With the right changes, you can turn that mountain to a molehill, to a success story. As always, live life FUTURE FOCUSED!

What change(s) will you make in 2014?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Future Focused


I’m Gooder Than That

Talking with a good friend the other day, I was blown away at how far  my life has come.  I felt so inspired that I wrote down all of the things I have been through within the past 15 years and compared it to where I am now.

For me, writing things down and seeing my life on paper, helped me to see things clearer. It also gave me a deeper appreciation for myself. I realized, that even in my lowest moments, I was brave enough to dream and pursuit a better life.

Today, I feel more encouraged than ever. I learned that I am a loving, compassionate, resilient, and a determined woman.  So with each day, I vow to myself, that I will not stop living life to the fullest until I have squeezed out  every bit of goodness this life has to offer.

How will you inspire yourself today?

Future Focused

be your

So You Think You Know Me

When people criticize your glory, it’s because they have no idea about your story. The light your life shines often illuminates the not so nice parts in other peoples lives. Instead of taking this as an opportunity to work on those things that causes them unhappiness, critical people find it easier to attack you. When this happens, use your heart to look deeper than the negative words and offer compassion instead of defensive or negative comments. What critics are really saying is, “I want what you have and I’m scared that I will never have it.” Share with them the reason why your light shines so brightly. You could be the missing link to their destiny!

How do you handle criticism?                                                                          

Future Focused